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Guardian Life of the Caribbean 

  • Honouring the life of Andre Redman
  • Guardian Life of The Caribbean Limited launches its Digital Insurance Platform
  • Competitive Research Reports
  • TTT Interview with Mr. Anand Pascal
  • Radio Interview with Mr. Anand Pascal on 100.5 FM
  • Radio Interview with Mr.Micheal Austin on 99.1FM
  • Honouring the life of Norris Lovelace
  • Congratulations Mr. Andre Redman
  • Effective May 25th, 2020 - Mr. Michael Austin – VP, Sales
  • Effective May 1st, 2020 - Mr. Michael Austin – VP, Sales
  • Effective Apr-21-2020 - Mr. Anand Pascal – President, GLOC
  • Effective Apr-21-2020 - Mr. Michael Austin – VP, Sales
  • Effective Mar-30-2020 - Mr. Anand Pascal – President, Sales
  • Effective Mar-27-20 - Mr. Norris Lovelace - VP,Individual Insurance Operations

Team Guardian,

It is my pleasure to announce yet another innovative client offering coming out of our Transformation effort. Effective today, Tuesday 9th November, 2021 Guardian Life will be launching its Digital Insurance platform. A platform that is geared towards providing another value-added service to new customers in a seamless manner.

Our entry into a digital sales space is intended to connect us with a segment of the market that prefers to conduct their business online plus allow us to engage with an expected younger demographic that will become our future referrals and clients over the long term.

We are starting with an offering to clients who may be interested in basic insurance coverage with no underwriting requirements.

This new platform will allow customers to access only our Express Life product offering at this time. Customers will be directed to the company’s website and with a few simple clicks they can have some level of protection.

This is one of our initiatives that is expected to assist the team with increasing sales using one of the less frequently used products.

Some key points to note are that:

  1. The online platform will be restricted so that only sums assured of $500K or less will be sold.
  2. The system can detect existing sums assured to ensure that the $500K cap is maintained (e.g., if a client already has $300K they will only be allowed to purchase up to $200K more)
  3. No annuity products will be sold using this platform

I encourage you to look out for further updates as we continue to transform into an organization that is increasingly known for technological innovation in financial services on the global stage.


Anand Pascal | President
Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited

Competitive Research Report - Trinidad & Tobago

Competitive Research Report - Barbados

Competitive Research Report - Northern Caribbean

Competitive Research Report - OECS

Congratulations to Mr. Andre Redman on his New Appointment

Dear Guardians,
It gives us great pleasure to announce the appointment of Andre Redman to the position of Vice President Sales effective January 1st 2021.
Andre has been with Guardian Life for the past 7 years and has steadily progressed through the organisation in areas where his expertise has added tremendous value.
From inception, he was able to make his indelible mark on the Client Acquisition team, where he built a reputation for himself by streamlining processes to ensure quality internal customer service and compliance with established benchmarks. After just 2 years his journey with Sales Operations began as a Senior Manager.

For 3 years his achievements included the development and launch of the Sales Pal tool and the Guardian Group Learning and Development Centre, which were key to the training and development and management of all levels of our sales teams. His performance management work continued here as he was tasked with leadership of the organisation’s Unit Managers from this point onward. Andre’s ascension continued in 2018 when he became the Vice President – Sales Administration Department. In addition to his role in streamlining reporting processes and development of performance management strategies ,“Batch”, as he is fondly called, led the charge in areas that included regulatory compliance for agents, management of agent production, compensation and persistency, as well as fraud management and new recruit on-boarding. GLOC’s Unit Managers can attest to how appreciative they remain to this day for his consistently supportive leadership. The Executive Team of Guardian Life also has insurmountable gratitude for the fresh perspective that Andre’s addition to the team has brought.

He is known for being someone who “gets it done”.

Andre Redman is a life insurance and management professional with close to 2 decades of experience in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, the military and telecommunications. His track record speaks to successes in many areas such as performance management, training and development, customer relations, team building and retention strategy. Outside of holding an MBA in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Anglia Ruskin University, many persons are unaware that he is also CompTIA certified and possesses a certificate from a Train the Trainers module of the Caribbean Border Enforcement Training Workshop through the Canada Border Services Agency.

Andre’s new role encompasses not only the roles that he was responsible for over the past 5 years but now extends to areas that include Sales Performance Management and working with our Branch and Agency Managers across all territories to create strategies that will assist the organisation in achieving its short and long-term business goals. Andre Redman continues to serve at Guardian Life, supporting Group strategies whilst introducing new strategies to further enhance operations and increase production. He will undoubtedly steer our Sales Team in a direction that will further cement Guardian Life’s position as a regional market leader.

Congratulations to Andre Redman on his new role! We look forward to seeing even greater things coming out of his area.

Revised FlexiTerm and Xpress Life – Effective May 25th, 2020 – Michael Austin – VP Sales

• New FlexiTerm premium rates will be available on SalesPal from Monday May 25.
• The new minimum sum assured will be $200,000 TTD / $50,000 BBD.
• The new maximum issue age for Term to 85 policies will be age 74 (previously 69), subject to a maximum total coverage of $2,000,000 TTD / $700,000 BBD for policies issued to customers aged 70 and above.
• Customers who have purchased a policy within 3 months of the launch date (i.e. February 25 or thereafter) will be eligible to switch to the new rates. They will have up to 3 months from the launch date (until August 25) to switch to the new rates, with no further underwriting, provided the sum assured remains the same. Commissions and overrides for these policies will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the new premium rates.
• Any existing quotations will be honoured for 1 month.

Xpress Life
• The sums assured available for Xpress Life will be updated from Monday May 25. Xpress Life will now be available for sums assured of (TTD) $100,000, $200,000, $300,000, $400,000 and $500,000.
• As a reminder, Xpress Life is a limited pay, whole life product with no medical underwriting required (customers are however required to complete a questionnaire consisting of 5 questions).
• Premiums are paid for 20 years. The policy may be surrendered for a full return of premium in the 21st year only. No other surrender values are available.
• Any existing quotations will be honoured for 1 month.

Please reach out to the Pricing and Product Development team via the GLOC Actuarial mailbox for any further guidance or clarification that may be required.

Effective May 1st, 2020 – Michael Austin – Vice President, Sales

The Digital Sales Process officially launched effective May 1st, 2020. This digital process removes the restriction of interacting with our clients and allow us to complete the entire sales process digitally, inclusive of digital signatures.

Since the way we do business has changed and this is the new normal, we must embrace this new process if we want to remain relevant in this rapidly evolving business environment. You are encouraged to utilize all the new tools and training material that has been provided in our virtual training programs, as well as our recently updated GGLDC web platform.

Please reach out to our support teams as well as our training division for any further guidance our clarification that may be required.

Effective April 21st, 2020 – Anand Pascal – President, GLOC

Guardian Life’s Online Portal is LIVE as at April 20th, 2020. Clients now have an even greater ability to transact business with us remotely.

The portal can be accessed at:


Via the Group’s website at (In the top right hand banner ad, there is a clickable box labelled “Pay Life Premium”):

Three (3) easy steps for customers to make life premium payments regardless of physical location.

Step 1: Sign Up (a verification code will be sent to complete the process and secure access)

Step 2: Log on to MyGuardianLifeOnline Portal

Step 3: Proceed to browse and transact business with us

Client BenefitsOrganizational Benefits
Quick and Secure Renewal PaymentsReduced client interface which is critical in light of the ongoing pandemic
Real time policy status informationFaster account settlements
Ability to update personal contact informationAbility to collect payments 24/7
Contact UsEnhanced payment security
 Reduced administration and reconciliation

Sign up and utilize these great services as our greatest Ambassadors are always our internal customers!

Effective April 21st, 2020 – Michael Austin – VP, Sales

Temporary Suspension of Flex Accumulator Product with Immediate EffectThe Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT), whilst acknowledging that the Flex Accumulator Product was previously approved for sale, has changed its decision on the classification of this product as an annuity contract. The communication mandated the immediate stop of marketing and selling new Flex Accumulator business, pending resolution of the matter.

The product will be removed from SalesPal by the end of the business day on Tuesday April 21st, 2020.

Note: This decision does not impact existing Flex Accumulator policies.

Effective March 30th, 2020 - Anand Pascall - President, GLOC

-Some insurance services have been designated essential by the Government of T&T in the “lockdown” during the period 30th March – 15th April.

The insurance services deemed essential are:
-Administrative services, e.g. payment of claims, processing of premiums etc.

  • Operating reduced hours – 8:30am to 1:30pm

-Note: Sales and branch operations have not been deemed essential.

Customer service centers will be opened, however, kindly remind clients that we are capable of processing all transactions remotely either via email, through our websites or over the phone.

We are aiming to conduct the vast majority of our transactions remotely, therefore while we may be operating remotely, our working hours for persons operating remotely would generally remain as normal (8am to 4pm), subject to the acknowledged challenges of trying to operate from one’s home.

Effective March 27th, 2020 - Norris Lovelace - VP, Individual Insurance Operations

-Lapse period increase from 90 to 180 days. However, encourage clients to pay their policies on time and up to date as this will provide a buffer in the event of extenuating circumstances.

-Hold on claw backs for policy non delivery. Clients being able to sign electronically is a process currently being worked on.

-First premiums can be paid via credit cards

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